Institute for Urban Education

Three IUE students studying in a dorm room.

As a new student enrolled in the Institute for Urban Education (IUE), you will find yourself part of a dynamic and ongoing group that will follow the program together throughout your UMKC years.  Campus activities and events will bring all IUE scholars together in other settings.

Beginning in your first year, you will have adequate time to develop and practice both teaching and student interaction.  You will be in an urban classroom by the second week of your first semester, working with those students, your classmates and dedicated faculty. The IUE faculty are committed to helping you make the transition from high school to college-level work.  Above all, the faculty makes sure you acquire the educational background and teacher preparation you need for success.

Away from campus, you will participate in service learning projects in the urban core, attending educational and social events with IUE’s Kansas City area partners.  Also, you will interact with the urban students assigned to you, learning more about them and their community through social activities and planned outings.  All in all, you will confirm your belief that teaching is the career and the life for you.