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UMKC partners

  • School of Education
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Chancellor’s IUE National Advisory Board
    Hugh J. Zimmer, Chair and UMKC Trustee
    Dr. John Baugh, Washington University in St. Louis
    Dianne Cleaver, UMKC Trustee
    Anne Elsberry, UMKC Trustee
    Dr. Viola Florez, University of New Mexico
    Dr. Tyrone Howard, University of California-Los Angeles
    Carol Marinovich, UMKC Trustee
    David F. Oliver, UMKC Trustee
    Leo Morton, UMKC Chancellor
    Dr. Wanda Blanchett, Dean, UMKC School of Education
    Dr. Ed Underwood, Executive director, IUE
    Dr. Jennifer Waddell, Associate director, IUE
    Rachael Steele, Director Major/Leadership Gifts
  • UMKC Trustees

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