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IUE student working with middle school students

Who we are

The Institute for Urban Education (IUE) is a four-year teacher education program with the primary focus of preparing teachers for success in urban classrooms.  Students may be admitted to the program their sophomore or junior years depending on the number of applicable hours they have already completed.  An emphasis is placed on math, science and literacy – the most urgent areas of need in urban education.  The IUE's partner schools help support new teachers in urban schools.

Mission statement

“The mission of the IUE is to partner with our community to prepare exemplary educators for urban settings.  Exemplary educators are change agents who demonstrate cultural, pedagogical, subject matter, school and interpersonal competencies.”

Our objectives

Our objectives are to join our community in reducing achievement gaps for Kansas City’s urban students, and in reversing high teacher turnover rates in urban schools.  Our intention is to prepare educators who are familiar with and care about urban neighborhoods.


  • The IUE was designed in partnership with the Kansas City community:  school districts, teachers, parents, civic and youth organizations, and with national experts in urban teaching.
  • The IUE elementary teacher education program was launched August 2005 with students recruited from urban schools.  IUE’s middle school teacher education program began in August 2006.
  • The IUE's partner schools include the Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas and Hickman Mills school districts.  Together they serve 50,000 K-12 students.  Many of these students qualify for the free or reduced lunch program and 80-85 percent of them are members of a minority group.

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